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Pálinka Cocktails

As the cocktail community grows in Hungary, Pálinka is also being used as a cocktail ingredient. Our Pálinka brand Tarpa showcases its potential in Hungary and abroad with signature cocktails created by Brit bartender Dez O’Connell.

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Breakfast at the Bar/ Breakfast Martini Twist
Breakfast at the Bar
Apricot Palinka

40 ml Tarpa Kajszibarack (apricot) Palinka

25 ml Cointreau

20 ml fresh lemon juice

2 barspoons Bonne Maman marmalade

Instructions: Emulsify, shake and double strain

Serving Suggestion: Side serve of melba toast with preserves of ginger and apricot. Flamed and dropped orange zest resembling egg yolk. Serve in a Cocktail saucer  

Pear Palinka

40 ml Vilmoskorte (Williams Pear) Palinka

15 ml fresh lemon juice

20 ml rosemary infused sugar syrup

25 ml fresh Packham/Williams pear puree
(5% sugar added)

Instructions: Shaken and transferred

Serving Suggestion: Sprig of rosemary and served in an old fashioned 300ml glass

My Cherry Baby
Gypsy Sour Cherry Palinka

25 ml Fürtös Meggy (gypsy cherry) Palinka

25 ml Funkin Morello Cherry puree

12.5 ml Amaretto Di saronno

12.5 ml vanilla infused sugar syrup

100 ml Brut Champagne

Instructions: Stir ingredients together.

Serving Suggestion: Serve with a small mint sprig in a flute


Flipping Plum
Flipping Plum
Plum Palinka

40 ml Szatmari Szilva (plum) Palinka

1.5 barspoons of organic plum jam

20 ml fresh lemon juice

20 ml sugar syrup

1/ 2 egg/ 20 ml egg white

20 ml pear nectar

Instructions: Dry shake, shaken and double strained.

Serving Suggestion: Flamed lemon zest (discard) and cinnamon dust and serve in a sour glass.


Apple Palinka

50 ml Szabolcsi Alma (apple) Palinka

15 ml Martini Rosso

5 ml Martini extra dry

Dash of Angostura bitters

Dash of Bitter Truth orange bitters

Dash of sugar syrup

Instructions: Stir ingredients together.

Serving Suggestion: Serve in a flute.