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Lapin Kulta

Location: Lapland

Lapin Kulta is premium quality lager beer with exceptionally fresh taste. Carefully chosen barley malt, selected hops and the brewery's own special strain of yeast all contribute to Lapin Kulta's unique balanced flavour. But the smoothness and freshness come from the water, which originates in the thousands of clear and pure mountain streams of Northern Lapland.


About Lapin Kulta
Lapin Kulta

The history of Lapin Kulta beer is closely linked with the search for gold; it also gave the beer its name: Lapin Kulta - Lapland's Gold. The great gold rush in Lapland began in 1870. During the coming three years the gold prospectors found some 130 kilos of gold. In 1873 some citizens of Tornio, many of whom had prospected for gold themselves, founded a brewery in this small town located on the border between Finland and Sweden. The idea was considered rather daring at the time, but later times have shown that the founders were far-sighted.

The brewery was first called Torneå Bryggeri Aktiebolag. It managed to survive the hard times during the depression, the war and the Prohibition. In 1930's the brewery, now called Tornion Olut Oy, was doing well and even acquired a brewery in Rovaniemi.

Lapin Kulta is the only Northern European beer that’s brewed using soft water from an untamed river. It’s also the only internationally successful Finnish beer. Lapin Kulta is enjoyed in many countries, such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Estonia, Germany, France and Great Britain. Sweden is the major export country.

In Lapland you can experience the unique cycle of 6 seasons of the year. Winter darkness lit by the Northern Lights, early Spring with bright days and deep snow, Spring with awakening nature, Summer under the midnight sun, early Autumn with brightly-coloured leaves and dark Autumn. Lapland gilded by the Northern Lights, shimmering snow and midnight sun is reflected in Lapin Kulta, the beer brewed in Tornio, in Finnish Lapland. The secret of Lapin Kulta beer is the pure and smooth water, which flows in the thousands of clear mountain streams of Northern Lapland. You can taste the origin.

Leo Andelin, who had qualified as a brewmaster in Germany, was employed by Lapin Kulta brewery in 1962. He developed a beer with lighter and smoother recipe, and a year later this new beer was named Lapin Kulta, Lapland's Gold. Already the next year Lapin Kulta beer won a gold medal in the international beer exhibition in Brussels.

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