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Location: Mexico

Xanath is an all natural liqueur containing pure vanilla and absolutely no artificial ingredients.


About Xanath

Xanath (pronounced SHA-nath) means ‘vanilla’ or ‘vanilla flower’ in the Totonac language.

Xanath is made in the region of Mexico where vanilla beans were first discovered by the Totonac Indians. Historically, the Totonacs mixed the vanilla with chocolate and considered it to have powerful aphrodisiac properties. This invaluable gift was offered only to royalty and gods in rituals.

Xanath is versatile and mixable with many beverages and has great use in gourmet cooking.

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  1. Xanath Vanilla 70cl
    ABV: 19% Unit Volume: 70CL
    Single: £35.04 (ex VAT)
    Mix (12+): £29.79 (ex VAT)
    Single: £42.05 (Inc VAT)
    Mix (12+): £35.75 (Inc VAT)

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