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Laird & Company

Location: USA

Laird & Company's aged apple brandy and applejack is a pure native Northern America spirit with an apple flavour and aroma and a unique smoothness.


About Laird & Company

The Laird family has been producing Laird’s applejack in Monmouth County, New Jersey since 1698, making them the oldest producers of the oldest native distilled beverage industry in the United States. In fact, Laird & Company were issued with license number one after prohibition! They are still strictly regulated in the United States by the Federal Government’s Standard of Identity to ensure they maintain traditional production methods and that their product upholds the qualities of flavour and aroma expected from applejack.

Applejack is an extremely pure spirit beverage. Only whole apples may be used in its production and throughout the entire process of production no additives, starters or yeast cultures are used. Applejack is produced via natural fermentation and double distillation in a pot still with a rectifying column. Casks of exceptional taste and character are selected and allowed to age in once used charred-oak bourbon casks for Laird’s aged apple brandy.


Cocktail Idea: Created by the Hide Bar, Bermondsey Street

To celebrate the year of the metal rabbit, this is a classic from the Savoy Cocktail book (1930).

45ml Applejack

30ml of fresh orange juice

25ml of fresh lemon juice

15ml of maple syrup

Method: Shake hard and strain into a coupette or a rocks glass over ice.

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  1. Laird's Applejack
    ABV: 40% Unit Volume: 70cl
    Single: £30.08 (ex VAT)
    Mix (12+): £25.57 (ex VAT)
    Single: £36.10 (Inc VAT)
    Mix (12+): £30.68 (Inc VAT)

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