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Location: Destilerías del Sur, Peru

Qollqe boutique pisco is produced using late harvest grapes from Ica land parcels at Destilerías del Sur. Time-honoured artisanal harvesting and manufacturing processes are used to keep its traditional and natural essence. It has an annual production of no more than 5000 litres. Their labels, designed with the concept of Pre-Inca values in mind, uses Paracas culture iconography, reflected through use of silk on the bottle.


About Qollqe
Harvesting of Grapes
Cleaning and Pressing
Temperature Measuring
Lab Technicians
Placing of Labels

Qollqe Boutique Pisco (late harvest) is born at Destilerías del Sur.

With a traditional artisan manufacturing process, QOLLQE is a product which is limited to the harvest from Ica land parcels and traditional grape harvesting methods of Peru which give good yields and quality, all the while keeping its traditional and natural essence yet still maintaining the highest organoleptic quality levels.

Qollqe Pisco’s quality lies in the rigorous selection of grapes, which are cultivated, in some cases organically and in a manufacturing process where we use between 7- 8 kilograms of grapes per liter. We also adhere to a settling period of at least one year, which contributes to the refinement of the aroma and quality of our Pisco.

Qollqe Boutique Pisco is an exclusive product, with an annual production of no more than 5,000 liters. Our efforts are focused on reaching the spirit essence of the traditional high quality Peruvian Pisco. The final result is a product with the unmistakable expression of authenticity of a high quality Pisco.

The production process is as follows:

1. Harvest: Harvested from Ica land parcels, traditional grape harvesting methods of Peru which give good yields and quality.
2. Cleaning and Maceration: The grape goes through a cleaner and press (free of twigs, leaves and such) to a container for its maceration. This is used for aromatic Piscos.
3. Fermentation: It macerates for a few hours and the top quality central portion (mosto yema) is transfered to plastic or stainless steel tanks, where they ferment for 10-12 days.
4. Distillation: When the fermentation is complete it is pumped to the copper still and it is distilled. The still is heated with gas. The “head” is discarded as it contains toxic substances like acetone and ethanol. Pisco is the body that comes after this and is distilled to 38 to 48º level of alcohol.
What continues to come out, the “tail”, is also discarded as it is almost water having a lesser alcohol level.
It stays for 6 months in a container, before being passed on to stainless steel containers to be filtered and bottled.
5. Bottling and Silk-screening: The bottling process adhered to the highest sanitary standards.
The boxes and hang tag are meticulously silk screened in order to achieve a high relief effect.

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  1. Pisco Qollqe Italia 2013
    ABV: 43% Unit Volume: 50CL
    Single: £37.96 (ex VAT)
    Mix (12+): £32.23 (ex VAT)
    Single: £45.55 (Inc VAT)
    Mix (12+): £38.68 (Inc VAT)

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