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Location: Sweden

First introduced in 1931, Skåne is a tribute drink to the provence of Skåne in Southern Sweden where, for five hundred years aquavit and vodka have been produced.


About Skåne

Including traditional ingredients such as cumin, anise, coriander and fennel, Skåne is enjoyed by those who prefer a smoother Aquavit with milder spices. Light notes of fennel and aniseed nicely complement Skane's subtle caraway flavour making it an appealling 'all-purpose' aquavit to drink with shell fish, sushi, fish soups and the like.

Aquavit is a distilled liquor, clear to pale yellow in colour, dry in flavour, and ranging in alcohol content from about 42% to 45% abv. It is distilled from a fermented potato or grain mash, redistilled in the presence of flavouring agents, filtered with charcoal, and usually bottled without aging. Various aromatic flavourings are employed, usually including caraway or cumin seed; lemon or orange peel, cardamom, aniseed, and fennel also may be used. For all its variety, aquavit is basically a flavored version of vodka.

Swedish and Norwegian aquavits are sweet and spicy and of straw colour. Sweden is the largest producer, manufacturing about 20 brands including Skåne.

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  1. Skåne Aquavit
    ABV: 38% Unit Volume: 70CL
    Single: £21.67 (ex VAT)
    Mix (12+): £18.42 (ex VAT)
    Single: £26.00 (Inc VAT)
    Mix (12+): £22.10 (Inc VAT)

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