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Gróf Degenfeld

Location: Tokaj-Hegyalija, Hungary

The German-Hungarian family of the Counts of Degenfeld once played a significant role in the Tokaj-Hegyalija region politically and as large vineyard owners. Count Imre Degenfeld was a founding member of the wine association of Tokaj-Hegyalija, which was established in 1857.


About Tokaj-Hegyaliga Region 
Gróf  Degenfeld winery

Tokaj-Hegyalija is renowned as one of the finest wine producing regions of the world. Its volcanic soils coupled with a micro climate defined by great slopes and the Tisza and Bodrog rivers, provide an ideal environment for viticulture. 

The famous botrytised sweet wines that are Tokaji Aszú were first created back in the early 17th century.  

Gróf Degenfeld wines

The Gróf Degenfeld Winery is one of the leading wineries in the Tokaj-Hegyalja region and is a member of the Tokaji Renaissance Association.  There are 30ha devoted to the cultivation of Furmint, Hárslevelű and Sárgamuskotály (Muscat Lunel) grapes.

The overall philosophy of the winery can be characterised by four terms: quality, naturalness, respect for tradition and nobility.

Viticulture takes place within strict production restrictions governing low yields and harvest times. There is also no use of absorptive insecticides or artificial fertilisers, and a high proportion of work done by hand including the labour intensive harvest for the sweet wines, which are picked as each bunch is ready.  In the winery similar strict rules are followed in the careful production of these premium wines with as little “winemaker” intervention as possible. 
The famous sweet wines are made using hand selected botrytised berries, where the natural grape sugars and flavours are incredibly intense and concentrated. The nectar that is extracted is fermented carefully and then aged in old oak barrels in the deep cellars for many years before bottling ready to drink.

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  1. Gróf Degenfeld Tokaji Hárslevelű 2011
    ABV: 12% Unit Volume: 75CL
    Single: £11.25 (ex VAT)
    Mix (12+): £9.58 (ex VAT)
    Single: £13.50 (Inc VAT)
    Mix (12+): £11.50 (Inc VAT)

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  2. Gróf Degenfeld Tokaji Muscat Lunel 2013
    ABV: 11.5% Unit Volume: 75CL
    Single: £12.25 (ex VAT)
    Mix (12+): £10.42 (ex VAT)
    Single: £14.70 (Inc VAT)
    Mix (12+): £12.50 (Inc VAT)

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