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Location: Japan

A new adventure for Amathus!

Koshu is the name of a grape variety native to Japan. It is thought to have developed from grapes that travelled the Silk Road across Asia to the Far East thousands of years ago. The Grape has a beautiful pink colour on the vine, and can create very subtle elegant wines with naturally low alcohol levels.


About Koshu
Koshu Grapes

Koshu is primarily grown in the Yamanashi Prefecture, where the seasonal climatic extremes of heat and cold, reliable long summer days and well drained volcanic soils suit the variety very well. Wine has been made from Koshu since the 1870’s. However over the last 15-25 years a revolution has taken place in the vineyards and wine cellars – where targeted investment and experimentation has improved the quality of wine produced to reach international standards. Koshu wines now form a great fine wine segment of some of the best restaurant wine lists in Japan.

We are really excited to introduce these complex, elegant wines to our customers in the UK, and with their great food pairing potential we are sure that they will start to appear on many fine dining lists.


About Soryu
Soryu Vineyard
Lumiere Restaurant
Koshu Grapes

Founded in 1899 Soryu was one of the first commercial wineries and worked with many local grape growers. It has now developed into one of the larger wineries in the Yamanashi Prefecture owning their own vineyards and working closely with long term grape growing partners. With a long history in the area the emphasis has been on learning and developing to improve the quality of the wines made. With cutting edge techniques in the vineyard and a very modern winery Soryu consistently win national and international awards.


About Lumiere

Lumiere was founded in 1885 by Tokugi Furiya and is now into the 5th generation of winemakers currently with Shigeki Kida at the helm. The winery spares no effort in producing wines of the highest quality, with wines winning international awards consecutively over the last 25 years. The state of the art new winery has also enabled Lumiere to produce very rare sparkling Koshu – which is made using traditional champagne production techniques.

Ageing Process
Riddling Rack

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  1. Lumiere Koshu Hikari 2015
    ABV: 11% Unit Volume: 75cl
    Single: £16.38 (ex VAT)
    Mix (12+): £13.93 (ex VAT)
    Single: £19.65 (Inc VAT)
    Mix (12+): £16.72 (Inc VAT)

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  2. Lumiere Koshu Sparkling 2014
    ABV: 10.5% Unit Volume: 75cl
    Single: £29.75 (ex VAT)
    Mix (12+): £25.30 (ex VAT)
    Single: £35.70 (Inc VAT)
    Mix (12+): £30.36 (Inc VAT)

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