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Bodega San Nicolas S.A.C are located 243 km south of Lima, in the region of Ica in the Province of Pisco. The vineyard was originally part of the old Hacienda of Santa Cruz de Lanchas from the 16th century, run by Jesuit monks who tended the vineyards and made and sold Pisco in colonial times. The ruins still remain today and are depicted on the label of the bottle.

The current vineyards are around 20 years old, and comprise of 20 hectares: 15 hectares of Quebranta, 3 hectares of Italia and 2 hectares of Albilla. Master Distiller and Oenologist Edwin Landeu is an ex Citevid employee. The vineyards are only 10km from the ocean and enjoy their own microclimate with influences from the Paracas winds in August and September.

Tasting Notes: Floral, sweet and aromatic. Best served at room temperature as it allows the Pisco to show all its delicate flavours and elegant aromas. 

Awards: National Contest of Pisco 2014 - Gold

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