Asahara Shuzo Nigori Plum Liqueur (Umeshu) 

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The Asahara Suzo fruit liqueurs are made at a sake brewery in Okumusashi, a green and hilly area where the cultivation of fruit trees, including plums and Yuzus, is highly developed. This abundance of fresh local produce encouraged the  producer to turn their talents to the prodcution of fruit-based liqueurs.

The plums are macerated in sugar-cane based neutral alcohol for several weeks. At the end of the process, macerated fruits are crushed mashed and re-incorporated to the final product, together with sugar syrup, and  more fresh crushed fruits.

Tasting Note: Benefiting from only the lightest of filtrations which retains a full, grainy texture, akin to biting into an fresh plum. Complex flavours of yellow plum and almond and balanced sweetness. Delicious and exotic.

Food Match: Ideal as a digestif, with fuit tarts or ice cream.A great cocktail ingredient, mixed with sparkling wine, or sake.

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Farming Practices: Contains Sulfites

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