Contratto Americano Rosso 

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Founded in 1867, Contratto was the first winery in Italy to make vintage ‘Metodo Classico’ sparkling wine and in the 1920’s and 1930’s, it was the Contratto bubbles that were requested by the Vatican and the royal houses of Europe. Now owned by family-run business, La Spinetta, they have reintroduced Contratto to the world, whilst continuing to preserve and uphold its 150-year-old traditions and top quality.

Just like the Contratto Vermouths, Americano draws from much the same pool of botanicals.Contratto in the beginning of the 19th century began producing Americano Bianco and Rosso, that compared to their Vermouth's, were more sweet. The Americano serves a similar function to Vermouth: an excellent aperitif on its own and also makes a fine component of mixed drinks". 

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