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The Rhum J.M Distillery is the only single estate distillery in Martinique, standing on the bottom of the Mount Pelé volcano in the northeast of the Caribbean island.

It uses only sugarcanes growing on its  volcanic soil and the purest mineral spring water from Mount Pelé. The humidity in Macouba, the village where the distillery stands, impacts a lot onto the ageing and maturation process of the rhums. 

In 1845 Jean-Marie Martin purchased the Fonds-Préville estate and sugar refinery, transforming the sugar refinery into a distillery and branding the rum barrels with his initials, J.M.

In 1914, Gustave Crassous de Médeuil purchased Fonds-Préville from his brother Ernest, to add to his own estate, Bellevue. Today the Crassous de Médeuil heirs still take great pride in cultivating the sugarcane to create the exceptional line of Rhum J.M AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) Martinique, the only island in the French Caribbean to have such appellation, testifying the fact that everything is done in Martinique (from the sugarcane plantations to the bottling line) and under very strict regulations in order to guarantee a top quality rhum.

Perfect Serve: Agric’Old Fashioned - 60ml Rhum J.M V.O, 15ml J.M Shrubb, 3 dashes of Angostura Bitters and orange zest to garnish.

Cocktail:  Manhattan.

Tasting Notes: Aged in a combination of new American oak and re-charred bourbon barrels, J.M V.O aged Rhum Agricole is robust and spirited. The rum greets you with a supreme balance between fresh wood, warm spice, alluring field blossoms and dried fruit. On the palate, flavours of smoke and hardwood char from the BBQ lead back to dried cloves, figs, with a glorious finish of liquorice and toasted sugar.

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