Cartron Miel Honey 

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In the Greek mythology, honey is the food of the Olympian Gods and grants immortality. Honey is known since over 40.000 years and symbolises sweetness, prosperity, pleasure and fertility.

Naturally sweet and aromatic like the honey with which it is produced, the liqueur is exclusively elaborated with pure alcohol and heather honey from the Landes region in South West France.

Heather is a hardy plant that requires a lot of sunshine in order to produce the little pink flowers the bees forage between July and the Autumn. Patiently awaiting the natural production of the delicious elixir, 300 beehives are installed in the Landes. Powerful and rich, the hints of both spices and smoked peat are remarkably restored in the Joseph Cartron Honey Liqueur.

The Heather Honey is mixed with pure alcohol in strict proportions and no other ingredient is added. The alcohol used is neutral in order to avoid undesirable parasite tastes: and therefore all the flavour and complexity of the honey taste can develop.

Tasting Notes: The liqueur is then perfectly balanced and ideally expresses the sweetness of the honey. The process used is totally artisanal and respects a recipe jealously kept secret.

Awards: Gold at 'The Spirits Business 2017'

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