L.N. Mattei Cap Corse Grande Réserve Quinquina Blanc 

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Birthplace of exceptional grape varieties, the north of the island of Corsica, called Cap Corse, is still today the land of prestigious vineyards. Named after this marvellous region, Cap Corse LN Mattei is the traditional Corsican aperitif wine, famous for its incomparable bittersweet profile.

Supplementing its profound quinquina flavour, other aromatic elements are drawn from a rich selection of both exotic and locally harvested plants, herbs and fruits to add depth. Contrasting these bitter herbal notes is the delightful sweetness of the mistelle made from carefully selected grape varieties such as Moscato and Vermentinu from the Northern part of the Island.

Tasting Notes: Fresh and floral on the nose, a smooth and delicate profile at first sip, with a fresh flavour of citrus, and a gradually increasing quinquina bitterness on the back palate.

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