Idiom Pinotage 900 Series 2015 

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The vineyards that bear the fruit of Idiom are called “Da Capo” which means “from the beginning” or “from the Cape” in Italian, a reference to the fact that the vineyards were carefully laid out and planted on the farm for the first time in 1999.

Nestling at the foot of majestic granite mountains, the slopes vary in height from 200 to 350 metres above sea level and have aspects, which face north, west and south. The 150 hectare property can be seen from far due to the distinctive mountain shape which is known as the Idiom Conical Peak. The soils contain decomposed granite, which is relatively shallow and stony in patches with a clay base. The distinctive northern, western and southern aspects create several micro-terroirs, which add character and complexity to the wines.

The Idiom 900 Series are the most rare wines in the Idiom Collection. They are an extremely limited release of up to 3 barrels or 900 bottles that are exceptional enough to warrant special appreciation.