Brøndums Snaps Klar 

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Gently rounded with malt and acacia honey, to give a less sharp, and altogether more mellow Aquavit. Brøndums Snaps is the oldest and most traditional of existing snaps brands in Denmark.

Anton Brøndum helped out at his father’s spirit distillery but as a great snaps enthusiast the young Brøndum dedicated his talent exclusively to the production and blending of Kryddesnaps. Therefore, he founded his own snaps distillery, A. Brøndums & Son, in 1840.

Brøndums Snaps Klar is the perfect base for herb-spiced snaps of the highest quality. It is mildly rounded off with malt and acacia honey so that the Kryddesnaps is less spirited, softer and more rounded in taste.

Tasting Notes: Brondums snaps original is a pure and limpid come aquavit, there is clear both in taste and in the glass. Aquavit has a light and dry spicy scent of caraway and liquorice. A good and mild taste of caraway and carnation with a bitter aftertaste.

Enjoy brondums snaps cooled as is or serve up the classic lunches. Aquavit is also very suitable for homemade schnapps and aquavit. There is nothing like brondums snaps to lure the soul and the glow of natural berries and herbs.

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