Aalborg Dild Akvavit 

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V&S Distillers (formerly Danish Distillers) is Scandinavia’s largest producer and supplier of spirits for consumption, and the world’s largest producer and exporter of aquavit. The company was founded in 1881 by C.A. Olesen and C.F. Tietgen; two enterprising businessmen who resolved together to create a company that would produce and sell the finest Danish spirits.

The history of Aalborg Akvavit began in the mid-1800’s, where the father of Danish Aquavit, Isidor Henius, introduced the rectification technique in Denmark. A distillation technique that results in a very clean and neutral spirit called fine rectified alcohol.

With the introduction of this technique, Henius raised the quality level of Aquavit in Denmark significantly. The fine rectified alcohol is the backbone in the Aquavits and snaps, produced by Aalborg. The effort of Isidor Henius, within the spirit industry, is the reason why Danish Aquavit today is considered to be among some of the finest Aquavits in the world.

Tasting Notes: Crystal clear with a pure, fresh aroma of dill. The after-taste has a slightly aniseed-like character with a touch of lemon against a seasoned background of dill seeds which pleasantly adds a sweet element. Best served chilled for the optimum experience of fresh green dill.

Awards: International Spirits Challenge 2015 - Silver & International Spirits Challenge 2017 - Gold

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