Gammel Opland Aquavit 

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Gammel Opland Aquavit is made using the original recipe from Oplandske Spritfabrikk, which was established in 1872.

An intricate mixture of spices with character and elegance. The aquavit has been extensively matured in old Sherry casks, which has helped to tone down the caraway seed, but brings through the other spices, whilst also allowing the vanilla and other cask aromas to come into their own.

The long maturation period provides a mild, harmonious and well balanced character that is still rich and complex with citrus, anise, caraway and oak aromas. Norway’s most popular aquavit is well suited to traditional Norwegian Christmas food, or it can be enjoyed on its own.

Tasting Notes: Aromas of toffee, vanilla, honey and citrus with a mild spiciness from caraway, anise and paradise grain. Mild and round on the palate with flavours of sweet caramel and a long after-taste of anise and sherry.

The ideal accompaniment to the milder forms of traditional Scandinavian cuisine. Serve at room temperature.” (41.5% alcohol). Caraway and vanilla flavors transform into pepper on the finish.

International Spirits Challenge 2016 - Gold
International Spirits Challege 2017 - Silver

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