Løitens Aquavit Three Stars Aquavit 

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The cooperation, Bondesamvirket Løiten Brænderi, was established in 1855 and the distillery was made fully operational on the 15th January 1856. It came about because of the government’s increasingly stricter regulations in regards to distilling, as well as, higher production demands and the prohibition of distilling at home.

The farmers on Løiten, not to mention the average consumer in the capital Christiania, demanded their bottles with liquor. Initially the liquor agents, Larsen and Poulsen, represented the cooperation in the capital, and they eventually established their own distillery with a wholesale outlet in Christiania.

In 1874, they opened Løiten Brænderis Distillation in Oslo. The recipes that were developed then are still used today.

Tasting Notes: Aromas of coriander, cumin, citrus and vanilla, with flavours of caramel, nuts, and spice; all balanced to create an outstanding tasting aquavit.

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