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Svensk Vodka Lake Vättern is a Swedish Premium Vodka produced from distilled Swedish winter wheat and crystal clear mineral water from Lake Vättern and filled in Sweden. One of very few “appellation” vodkas from Sweden (PGI by EU) made from the best winter wheat distil from a state-of-the-art farmer’s owned distillery in Western Götaland, the area where the wheat is grown.

Tasting Notes: Blended with mineral water from the 128 metre deep Lake Vättern with underneath reservoir from the ice age the result is a super premium vodka with a creamy texture, lean flavours from the winterwheat and a long and pleasant after-taste.

Svensk Vodka’s filling plant is located in Motala in Eastern Götaland, a cosy village on the northeastern bank of Lake Vättern.

International Spirits Challenge 2017 - Bronze
San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017 - Gold Medal

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