Metté Spiratueux de Gingembre (Ginger) 

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In the 1960’s, Jean Paul Metté used to help his neighbour produce eau -de-vie. This started his passion and motivated him to learn the craft and later, he opened his own distillery. Keeping to traditional methods, Jean Paul Metté first produced classical eau-de-vie like mirabelle plum and raspberry. He quickly expanded the range by introducing unique eau de vie like flowers, berries and truffle.

He took his godson Philippe Traber under his wing in the mid-1980’s and passed on his passion, knowledge and secrets and who eventually took over on Jean Paul’s retirement in 1997. The distillery is located in Ribeauville and is managed by Philippe and Nathalie Traber.

Tasting Notes: This liqueur is made from ginger roots macerated in pure alcohol, which is then distilled again.

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