Yaguara Cachaça Ouro  

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Cut by hand from the juiciest and finest sugarcane in Brazil, all of the Yaguara Cachaça products are born out of the latest distilling technology and five generations of family artisanal know-how. The Yaguara range has been crafted to place cachaça where it belongs, amongst the finest and most diverse spirits in the world.

Delivering the freshness that only raw sugarcane juice can provide and exploring the complex flavour profiles which come with ageing in native woods. Each of the Yaguara products are produced in the same artisanal alambique pot still, from handcut sugarcane pressed within 24 hours.

Tasting Notes: Roasted nuts, caramel, cinnamon and fresh fruits leap out of the glass. The palate is rich with bananas, brown sugar, mango, papaya, roasted coconut and pineapple sprinkled with nutmeg.

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