Mataroa Mediterranean Dry Gin 

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The century-old Greek Melissanidi Distillery in 2019 turned their vast wealth of knowledge and experience to the production of this truly Mediterranean Gin. After years of tasting and testing they combined 12 botanicals including  lavender from France, chamomile from Cyprus, mandarin from Morocco, mastic from Greece, iris root from Italy and orange rind from Spain with Egyptian lemon peel, bay leaf from Syria and coriander from Tunisia. All of these are finished with the purest natural water from the Kaimaktsalan springs, to create a fragrant gin of incredible complexity that brings an extra dimension to a G&T as well as making a superb Negroni, especially when combined with Otto’s Vermouth for a truly Greek twist. The Maori name references a historic ship from New Zealand that sailed the Mediterranean in the 1940s.

Tasting Notes: Simon Difford: With its pronounced piney juniper, Mataroa will not offend London Dry traditionalists but its well - integrated Mediterranean flavours, particularly bay leaf and mastic will appeal to those seeking gins expressing characteristics from their origin. 

Awards: WORLD GIN AWARDS - Best Greek Contemporary Style Gin