Del Maguey Wild Jabali 

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Made from the wild agave variety Jabalí, harvested from craggy rocks and cliffs, Jabalí is very difficult to distil. Jabali takes its name from the Spanish word for “wild boar” because its maguey’s thorns resemble a boar’s teeth

Del Maguey presents another unique traditional Vino de Mezcal made in the lush remote mountains of Oaxaca, México, made in their secret mountain village using only sustainable harvested wild Jabalí agaves.

Roasted in the earth and buried for two weeks, this maguey is then ground using a horse drawn stone molino, fermented with air-borne microbes and then double-distilled slowly the original, 500-year old Artisanal, hand-crafted way.

Tasting Notes: On the nose Jabalí offers notes of fresh figs, baked apples, Star anise and a hint of parmesan rind. On the palate Jabalí has bright, beautiful acidity with high floras of sweet violets, herbal notes of tarragon, and finishes with hints of sandalwood. 

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