Lapponia Blueberry (Mustikka) 

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Lapponia Liqueurs are made from handpicked berries that have grown in untamed Northern wilderness. Due to special manufacturing methods - the berries give the liqueurs all of their taste and exquisite aromas. The premium quality of Lapponia Liqueurs is based on manufacturing traditions that are centuries old.

Officially it all began in 1867, when Czar Alexander Second granted Anders Nordfors (the founder of the company) permission to make alcoholic beverages. Lapponia Liqueurs still continue this Finnish berry liqueur tradition in Finland, Turku. Lapponia means Lapland in Latin and refers to its arctic wilderness.

Tasting Notes: Enjoy the natural taste of Lapponia with friends or use as a unique constituent liqueur in cocktails. The blueberry grows in the pristine forests of the North. Handpicked blueberries give this premium liqueur its delicate aroma, satin-smooth taste and unique, exciting colour. 

Lapponia Blueberry is best served neat or on the rocks. It also work tremendously well in cocktails. Its full-bodied, sweetish taste goes especially well with a variety of other berry flavours.

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