Meletti Limoncello  

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The Meletti Family has been producing extraordinary hand crafted cordials for generations. Silvio Meletti started the company in 1870 when he endeavored to produce an anise-flavored liqueur that would rival or surpass the best products of Italy and France.

Lemon trees have been cultivated on the Amalfi coast since 200AD. The Meletti Family selects only the finest Sorrento lemons from groves located along the coast. This type of lemon is noted for its low acidity and thick skin. The rich oils give this liqueur its rich body and intriguing aroma. The final blend is aged for an additional 3 months before being bottled and released.

Tasting Note: "This is a delicious citrus liqueur with a full rich mouth feel and the inviting aroma of fresh lemons.

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