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Joseph Cartron has been a family run business since 1882, with strong roots in the town of Nuits-Saint-Georges at the heart of Burgundy’s cru vineyards. The soil of this region has been producing high quality fruit for centuries, which for many years have been used in the production of Burgundy wines. Cartron specialises in the production of liqueurs, crèmes, ratafia, marc, eaux-de-vie, with a team of craftsmen using age old recipes.

The Spanish discovered vanilla in America in the early XVIth century and brought it back to Europe where it was extremely appreciated especially under the reign of Louis XIV. In order to obtain pods rich in aroma, the production of this thousands of years’ old spice requires constant care, which makes it one of the most expensive food product in the world. The vanilla Cartron select comes from the best farms in Madagascar, a country renowned for the excellence of its production. The pods brimming with perfume bring power of taste, blandness and roundness to Joseph Cartron’s Vanilla Liqueur.

Tasting Notes: The nose is quite open with hints of crème pâtissière infused with vanilla pods. Good aromatic softness. In mouth, the mouth is suave with an oily, round texture. The finale is fresh and pure with a brioche flavour. No heaviness at the end.

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