Licor 43 

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In Roman times the people of Carthago Nova, (modern-day Cartagena region), were masters at making “Liqvor Mirabilis”. Over the centuries since then this legendary liquor has been refined and perfected by local artisans. Some 70 years ago the family Zamora became the custodians of a secret recipe, the finest in the region, made up of 43 ingredients. Vowing to keep the recipe secret and taking the name Licor 43, Diego Zamora has been maintaining the tradition of this magical, golden elixir.


Today, Licor 43 is the No.1 liqueur in Spain, and globally it is known as “the most loved” liqueur brand.


Licor 43 is the most multi-faceted liqueur on the market. The unique blend of 43 ingredients draw from its roots with the apothecaries of Rome. The process of creating each bottle of Licor 43, the maceration, purification and preparation takes no less than 8 months.


Tasing Notes: Layered flavours of vanilla, Mediterranean citrus and spice, perfectly balanced sugars and alcohol deliver wonderfully on their own or mixed, with friends and food. Enjoyed “puro” with or without ice, its flavours are in perfect harmony, yet it is unmatched in its versatility. As bartenders across the world are proud to demonstrate, their own favourite liqueur is the perfect partner for a host of other flavours, and can elevate a humble cocktail to another dimension.