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In Japanese Coedo (pronounced Co-Eh-Doe) literally means “Little Tokyo”. Coedo is the nickname for Kawagoe (Ka-Wa-Go-Eh), a city in Saitama Prefecture Japan, located in the Greater Tokyo Area. Since before modern Tokyo, Kawagoe has been influencing Japanese culture through its fashion, art and agriculture. Coedo’s well-balanced craft beers carry with them the tradition and craftsmanship of ancient Japan into the modern era. The brewers at Coedo have honed their brewing expertise in the custom of Japanese artistry.

The authenticity of the Kawagoe culture flows through the beer of Coedo like the sleeves of their famous Kimonos. Coedo is a brewery that has its roots in conscientious agricultural practices. Since 1970 Coedo has been pioneering Farm-To-Table produce and organic farming in Japan. Coedo captures the Japanese aesthetic of design, craftsmanship and taste.

Tasting Notes: Providing a deliciously satisfying quaff from the discriminating beer drinker with sophisticated tastes, Ruri meaning clear blue skies in Japanese, has a delicate balance of rich flavours and hoppy bitterness that is light on the palate and persistently enjoyable.

Food Matching: Almost all cuisine without red meat raw fish with which the sulfur related substances fight together. Especially Ruri is great with vegetable dishes or cuisines whose character is sourness, e.g. salad, tomatoes & mozzarella Caprese, Sunomono (vinegared sliced cucumber and sea weeds etc.), Tofu etc.

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