Polar Monkeys White Collar 

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Polar Monkeys answers the demand of craft beers. Behind the name is a story of ”marketing apes” whose long-lasting dream was to create beers with big heart, passion and pride: ”Created by monkeys –brewed by pros” summarizes the passion and the high-quality craft beer into one bottle.

The ’unfinished’ craft-like design of Polar Monkeys differentiates it from other craft beers and wakes up the curiosity of beer consumers.

Tasting Notes: The soft and elegant member of the Monkey family with a soft and rich taste and a deep golden colour. The subtle, fruity scent, unctousness of wheat malt, sweetness of honey and moderate bitters create a velvety ensemble in this golden ale. 

Food Matching: Roast chicken and fish, hot and spicy foods, Brie cheeses.

Best Before Date: May 2020

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