Rhum J.M Sirop de Sucre de Canne 

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Rhum J.M is an exquisite Rhum distilled on the Caribbean island of Martinique, located in the northeast in Macouba, the sugar cane grows on 28-degree vertical slopes in rich volcanic soil at the foot of Mount Pelée.

Located in northern Martinique at the foot of Mount Pelée, Habitation Bellevue benefits from a tropical climate and particularly rich and fertile volcanic soil excellent for the cultivation of exceptional sugarcane. Our sugarcane grow up the face of the volcano on the exposed to the tropical sea breezes, which are important to ventilate the sugarcane.

Known to have a drier flavor than typical sugar, the Sirop de Canne delivers true “terroir-driven” character and a unique spice component to your favorite cocktails, or to finish culinary confections. It has been a secret ingredient for the world’s savviest mixologists who use Rhum J.M Sirop de Canne as an alternative sweetener to bring added depth and complexity to their contemporary concoctions.

Tasting Notes: Pure, all natural sugarcane syrup, straight from fresh pressed sugarcane juice. A dry alternative sweetener for your cocktails, desserts, coffee and specialty soft drinks. A healthy choice.

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