Les Cerises de Monsieur Joseph (Cartron) 

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Joseph Cartron has been a family run business since 1882, with strong roots in the town of Nuits-Saint-Georges at the heart of Burgundy’s cru vineyards.

The soil of this region has been producing high quality fruit for centuries, which for many years have been used in the production of Burgundy wines. Cartron specialises in the production of liqueurs, crèmes, ratafia, marc, eaux-de-vie, with a team of craftsmen using age old recipes.

The perfect cocktail cherry from Joseph Cartron. Ripe Montmorency bitter cherries from the Lorraine region are handpicked with the stems and stones left intact (the timing of the picking is also essential: harvested  too  early, the fruits will lack perfume and flavour, harvested too late the fruits will gradually wilt), and macerated for 6 months in alcohol.

The macerating liquid is blended with kirsch eau-de-vie and a little sugar and decanted over the cherries, which are carefully layered by hand in jars. Drier and much stronger than other cocktail cherries, these make the ultimate garnish and are essential in the composition of numerous cocktails.

Tastings Notes:

Nose: a well-rounded nose with notes of cherry flowers and stones, accompanied by a beautiful freshness. 

Mouth: the fruit is crunchy and firm, with a good harmony between sweetness and flavour of the fruit. The mouth is suave and greedy with a very long finish.

Ingredients: Montmorency bitter cherries and kirsch eau-de-vie.

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