Shichiken Masterclass, Amathus Soho, 24th June, 7:00PM 

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Shichiken brewery was founded in 1750 at the foot of Mount Kaikoma in the town of Hakashu of the Yamanashi district. Their award-winning sakes are made using some of the purest water in Japan which flows directly off Mount Kaikoma, filtering through layers of 10 million year old granite. Only locally grown rice is used with long-slow fermentations to ensure these remain a unique, artisanal products with a well-defined sense of place.
We are delighted to welcome Mr Kitahara, head of Shichiken brewery, who will guide you throught a selection of 4 sakes and unlock some of the production techniques used for this exciting category. You will also be able to taste a Japanese-inspired cocktail made from sake and Japanese yuzu liqueur.

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