Avantis Estate Masterclass, City, 21st May, 7:00PM 

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Avantis Estate is one of the leading wineries of Greece. Located on the island of Evia, since 1830 they have built a reputation for growing a wide range of both indigenous and international grape varieties in their mountain vineyards.
The wines combine tradition with modernity and range from vibrant, mineral whites through to reds of great depth and complexity that are amongst the best of Greece, plus the country’s finest rosé.
We’re delighted to be joined by winemaker Apostolos Balatsos who will guide you through their outstanding range of wines.

Avantis Estate White (Viognier - Assyrtiko) 2018
Avantis Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2018
Avantis Estate Dolphins Santorini 2018
Avantis Estate Falcon's Hill Rosé 2017
Avantis Estate Mavrokoudoura 2015
Avantis Estate Agios Chronos 2013

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