Septem Monday's Pilsner 

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The Septem microbrewery is located in Orologio on the island of Evia. It was founded in 2009, by the chemist/winemaker Sophocles Panagiotou and his brother, economist George Panagiotou. In Latin ‘Septem’ means seven, the number that represents creation, which inspired them to create a variety of beers, each named after a different day. Responsible for the design and production of the beers is oenologist Sofocles Panagiotou. Oenologists devote their lives to searching for the perfect  structure and balance for their wines in order to bring out the attributes of the variety, microclimate and harvest.

Septem applies the same  “oenological” philosophy in  processing the best quality malts and hops to create the distinctive aromas and flavours that characterises their fresh, unpasteurized beers. They believe that hop is respectively the “grape” of beer and they select the best quality whole hops of unique varieties from all over the world, to enhance the aromas and flavours of each of the Septem beers.

Tasting Notes:

A lovely golden-blonde colour with creamy white head.

Distinguished by its pleasant aromas of lemon blossoms, citrus and “green hops”. 

Slightly sweet taste with refreshing bitterness and aromatic after-taste.

Food Match: Fresh grilled fish with green salads or barbecued pork & lamp chops.

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