Marolo Vino Chinato 

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Marolo grappa is a family run distillery that focuses their attention solely on the quality: from the choice of the raw materials to the packaging of the final products.

Paolo is the founder and the first grappa producer to distil only single variety grappas. Marolo’s first grappas were born in 1977 from the desire to transform a traditional, often rustic product into an excellent example of the distiller’s art. From that time on, he has consistently worked with the pomaces of noble grape varieties to make spirits that exalt the special qualities of each variety.

Marolo’s distillery is not automated, and so he attentively surveys every phase of the distillation process, his meticulous craftsmanship adapting knowingly to the various characteristics of the pomaces that are used. The results bear witness to Paolo Marolo’s comprehension of the workings of nature, and to his ability, through the skillful creation of these fine spirits, to bring out the personalities of the grapes in their fullest expression.

Marolo Chinato is an aromatized wine containing herbs, spices & quinine. The base is Barolo wine, made from the Nebbiolo grape.

Tasting Notes: You can use Marolo Chinato to make outstanding cocktails instead of using a regular vermouth (negroni for example).

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