Sassy Cidre (L'inimitable) 

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Sassy is the new, disruptive face of traditional Normandy Cidre. Its vision is to revolutionise the perception of artisanal cidre for a new generation.

Its home - the Château de Sassy in Normandy - has preserved the tradition of cider and calvados making since 1852, thanks to co-founder Xavier's family and their love for the terroir.

In order to develop an innovative product that still respects these traditional techniques, the founders worked with a renowned cellar master to create carefully reworked recipes.

The result - a production process that relies only on extracting the fruit juice itself and which creates a product that is 100% natural, free from additives and concentrates. This ensures a fresh, smooth drink and reveals a well-balanced flavour across three varieties - Brut, Rosé and Poiré. 

From these carefully selected varieties of apples and pears, to the bottling, Sassy is proud to say that everything is locally-sourced. 

Ingredients: 22 apple varieties, mainly acidulous apples and bitter sweet apples

Tasting notes: Sassy Cidre is the perfect balance between the traditional dry taste of a cidre brut and the fruitiness of a semi-dry cidre. On the nose apples, leather and wood. On the palate smooth effervescence, full bodied, apple and leather aroma, subtle balance between acidity, bitterness and roundness.

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