Rhum J.M Cognac Cask Finish Delamain 

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Located in northern Martinique at the foot of Mount Pelée, Habitation Bellevue benefits from a tropical climate and particularly rich and fertile volcanic soil excellent for the cultivation of exceptional sugarcane. Our sugarcane grow up the face of the volcano on the exposed to the tropical sea breezes, which are important to ventilate the sugarcane.

Distilling the juice of sugar cane gives birth to a white agricultural rum, whose purity and flavour suggest an alcohol high quality "Rhum Agricole". Carefully selected, all Rhum J.M. AOC rums are produced exclusively from sugar cane grown entirely by the family in the highlands of Housing Bellevue, Macouba.

The Housing Bellevue, located on the flanks of Mount Pelee, with rich volcanic soil, allows the sugar cane to used exclusively by Rhum J.M. to have typicality and unique taste. Having made rum for many years, the heirs of Crassous Médeuil guarantee the quality of Rhum J.M. and are proud to offer you the best they have through Amathus.