Barceló Imperial Onyx 

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Right in the heart of the Caribbean lies the Dominican Republic, the first permanent European settlement in the Americas. In 1929 Julián Barceló, born in Mallorca (Spain) immigrated to the Dominican Republic and the following year founded Barceló & Company, following his dream of producing one of the best rums on the island.

The optimum product was obtained by experimenting with different brands on the market and it wasn’t long before Julian began producing his very own rum and in 1950 the Ron Barceló branch was launched. The brand quickly became a reference between local rums and one of the largest and most prestigious Dominican enterprises.

Barceló is known to be the only rum from the Dominican Republic distilled directly from the juice of fresh cut, estate grown sugarcane (and not from molasses).

Production Process: Imperial Onyx is a rich blend of premium rums aged for 10 years in ex-bourbon casks with a “heavy char” grade. The spirit is then filtered through onyx stones, which give Imperial Onyx the mysticism that characterises this unique rum.

Tasting Notes: Barceló Imperial Onyx possesses an amber mahogany colour with a robust structured body. The taste profile features toasted aromas with a subtle touch of cherry, coffee and dried fruits as well as deep notes of wood and vanilla, creating an intense sensation that ends with a long and persistent aftertaste.

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