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Produced in Russia by Geneva based Tovaritch Spirits International SA; Tovaritch! brings passion and vitality from vodka’s original homeland while also benefiting from Swiss dedication to perfection. And to top it off, its superior quality is matched by superb value.

Tovaritch means comrade in Russian, and so, true to its name, it is a wonderful companion for any vodka enthusiast. This delicious vodka hails from St. Petersburg, and is based on a very old family recipe from the late 1700’s, created through study with the Imperial Court of Czarina Catherine II.

Tovaritch! is a 100% authentic Russian vodka and in its quest to produce the best in class vodka, Tovaritch! strikes a perfect balance between the state-of the-art equipment and the ingenious formula rooted in age-old traditions.

Tasting Note: Clear, pleasant, mild with a faintly floral aroma and a hint of dried citrus and meringue. Silky, yet dry, soft medium bodied with a delicate balance and a touch of sweet cream and aniseed.

Awards: Won 92 medals in blind tastings at the most acclaimed international competitions, making Tovaritch! the world’s most awarded Russian vodka. Visit for more information.

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