Facile XO Rum Liqueur (Facile Swedish Punsch) 

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The history of Swedish punsch dates back to 1733 when the Swedish East India Company started importing the main ingredient - the sugarcane spirit Batavia arrack. Since that time, punsch has held a unique place in Swedish culture.

Originally it was mixed using heat to melt the sugar into alcohol and served while warm. With bottled commercial versions appearing around 1840, it became more common to serve it chilled.

A mixture of Batavia arrack, Jamaican rum, sugar and a few other secret ingredients. Batavia arrack is an eau de vie, based on sugar cane and rice produced in Java (Indonesia). The finished arracken is then stored in oak barrels in the Netherlands for 5-7 years. Rum used in Facile is a special proprietary blend that comes from Jamaica as are the oak barrels where it is stored.

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