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Adding a dash water to whisky to release the aromas and flavours of the dram has long been standard practice, with many authorities explaining that water removes the alcohol prickle which allows the palate to more easily appreciate the character of the spirit. The science behind this was confirmed in a Swedish study in 2017 (adding water boosts the surface concentration of guaiacol, it seems). But which water to add? The ideal water would be drawn from the same source as the individual whisky, but this is generally impractical. Tap water contains a bewildering array of chemicals which will taint the whisky.

After a career spent working in the Scotch whisky industry, Graeme Lindsay decided to ‘source’ the perfect waters for whisky. Although bottling water from every distillery would be difficult, to say the least, the next best thing is water from the relevant region. Graeme located remote springs in the Scotch whisky regions to bottle the hard water of the Scottish Highlands, the soft water of Speyside and the naturally acidic water of Islay and provide the ideal drop to complement whiskies. Since their introduction in 2013, Uisge Source spring waters have been received positively by whisky companies, whisky writers, connoisseurs and selected bars in up to 20 countries. Gin drinkers have been spoilt for choice for a number of years with tonic waters to choose from; now whisky drinkers have the perfect accompaniment for their chosen malt with Uisge Source: The Drop That Makes The Dram.