1844 – Evermore: Here’s to 180 Years of Penfolds

Penfolds has come a long way since it was founded by Dr. Christopher Penfold and his wife, Mary back in 1844. From fortified grape production in the early days to worldwide success today, Penfolds is now a global icon in the gastronomy world, with many fascinating stories and milestones throughout its 180-year history. Here are just a few:

Penfolds Grange:  the dogged determination behind one of the world’s top collectors’ items

The legend of Penfolds Grange is one of invention, passion, risk and determination. 

The story began with a side trip to Bordeaux in 1949, where creating something ‘capable of staying alive for a minimum of twenty years’, first entered the mind of Chief Winemaker, Max Schubert. His first experimental vintage in 1951 began a new way of thinking that would eventually lead to a signature style, but not before Grange was discredited and Max Schubert forced to make the wine in secrecy for three years. 

Crafted utilising fully-ripe, intensely-flavoured and structured shiraz grapes, the result is a unique style that is now recognised as one of the most consistent of the world’s great wines. Grange has been awarded over 30 perfect scores from top wine critics around the world, including 100 points from Wine Spectator Magazine for the 2008 vintage and six perfect scores for the current 2018 vintage.



An oenological journey around the world: 1 brand, 2 hemispheres, 4 countries

From the beginning, Penfolds commitment to quality has been underpinned by a consistent and recognisable ‘House Style’, the ultimate expression of Penfolds time-honoured tradition of sourcing the best fruit from the best regions. Today, this philosophy extends beyond Australia, as Penfolds explores the bountiful soils of California, Bordeaux, and from this year, China.



180 years: 1844 to Evermore

As Penfolds celebrates its 180th anniversary, it’s looking to the next 180 years ahead. That’s why the brand has recently launched, ‘Penfolds Evermore’, a commitment to making a positive contribution towards a world where future generations can thrive. Evermore captures Penfolds aspirations as a global brand to leave a positive mark on the places, communities and people we are connected to. The initiative begins with a grant programme which will see Penfolds donate $1 million (AUD) over the next five years to support social sustainability at grassroots level in communities across the world.