Siren beers now at Amathus: Coincides with taproom launch



Founded in 2013 with a bold mission, Siren Craft Brew set sail to redefine the beer landscape. With a commitment to crafting bold, flavorful brews, their philosophy is simple: make the beer they want to make, no compromises.

From their signature Breakfast Stout 'Broken Dream' to every creation that follows, they spare no expense in sourcing the finest ingredients. For Siren Craft Brew, it's not just about making beer; it's about crafting an experience—a symphony of aromas, flavours, and textures that captivate the senses.

Inspired by the enchanting sirens of Greek mythology, their beers are a harmony of ingredients, weaving together in magical ways. Founder Darron Anley's passion for modern, flavour-forward beers led to the birth of Siren Craft Brew, where each beer tells a story, illustrated with care and intrigue.


And now, as they prepare to open their new taproom in Reading's Station Hill development, they invite beer enthusiasts and food lovers alike to join them on this journey of discovery. With over 30 lines of brewery-fresh beer and a high-spec kitchen serving up delectable street food-inspired dishes, their taproom promises to be a flagship destination for all.

So whether one seeks adventure in every sip or simply craves a cozy spot to unwind, set your course for the grand opening of the Siren taproom—a beacon of flavour and community in the heart of Reading.


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