The Best Agave Alternatives to Tequila


Because of their intricate flavours, extensive origins, and adaptability in cocktails, agave spirits, a distinctive component of Mexican heritage, have gained international prominence in recent years. A distillate made from the agave plant after they have been cooked, crushed, fermented. We have chosen 7 of our favourite bottles of Mezcal, Sotol and Raicilla from the pioneering range here at Amathus Drinks.


Los Siete Misterios Doba-Yej Mezcal 70cl

Los Siete Misterios means translated "The seven mysteries". Distilled with only 100% natural agave sugars that come from mature plants.

Inspired by the land, legends and mysteries of Mexico, Los Siete Misterios was established in 2010 with only one objective in mind, to produce mezcals indicative of this great country’s rich cultural heritage and traditions.

Our cocktail recomendation: Mezcal Margarita


50ml mezcal
Jucie of two limes
25ml triple sec
Teaspoon agave syrup



Rim glasses with lime and salt. Add mezcal, triple sec, syrup, lime and ice to a shaker. Strain into glasses.


Hacienda De Chihuahua Sotol Plata 70cl  

Sotol is a rare spirit made from the Desert Spoon plant in Mexico. Hacienda de Chihuahua Sotol Plata is made from 100% Dasylirion plants entirely wild-harvested in northern Mexico's Chihuahuan Desert.

This Sotol is clean and crisp and is match made for any Tequila.

Our cocktail recomendation: Sotol Swizzle


50ml sotol
25ml pineapple syrup
25ml lime juice
Two dashes angostura bitters

Sprig mint


Add crushed ice to a tall glass. Add sotol, syrup, lime and stir. Add bitter and mint.

Los Danzantes Añejo Mezcal 70cl

Los Danzantes philosophy is grounded in safeguarding the traditions of artisanal mezcal production.

Los Danzantes is also a restaurant group that owns the famous mezcaleria - Corazon de Maguey ("heart of the maguey") - in the bustling neighbourhood of Coyoacan, Mexico City. Full of characterful notes of toasted oak, vanilla and coconut.

Our cocktail recomendation: Mezcal Old Fashioned


50ml mezcal
5ml simple syrup
Dash of bitters

Strip orange peel 


Add mezcal, syrup and bitters to an old fashioned glass. Add large ice cubes and stir.

Alipús Santa Ana Del Rio Mezcal 70cl

Produced by the Hernández Melchor family since 2001 using traditional methods including an earth oven, stone mill and wooden fermentation tanks. Alipus is Los Danzantes' artisan, single-site Mezcal range.

Santa Ana del Río comes from agave grown at 1,350-1,500m above sea level, giving crisp acidity, pineapple, menthol and mineral flavours.

Our cocktail recomendation: Mezcal Mule


50ml mezcal
5ml lime juice
5ml ginger jucie

5ml agave syrup

50ml sparkling  water


Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Place crushed ice into copper mule mug, strain other ingredients into the glass.

La Venenosa Sur Raicilla 70cl

Raicilla is made from the a wider range of agave plants compared to tequila and it is roasted rather than steamed leading to a fruitier spirit.

This excellent Raicilla from La Venenosa is distilled in Jalisco, Mexico, and the Espadin agave is cooked in a traditional earthen oven. This is an expression full of sweet honey notes, as well as rich smoke, berries and peaches.

Our cocktail recomendation: Killer Bee


20ml honey

50ml raicilla

25ml lemon juice

50ml sparkling  water


Loosen honey with water. Add raicilla, honey, lemon juice and ice to a shaker. Strain into ice filled tall glass.

Encantado Mezcal Artesanal 70cl 

100% Espadn agave is used to make Encantado Mezcal Artesanal, which is a delicious introduction to mezcal. The agave is baked and mashed before the juice is fermented and distilled.

It has the traditional smokiness of a bonfire, the aged leather, and vegetal agave flavours without the rugged strength of many mezcals.

Our cocktail recomendation: Mezcal Negroni


25ml mezcal

25ml campari

25ml sweet vermouth

Orange peel


Mix all the ingredients with ice. Strain into an old fashioned glass filled with ice. Garnish with orange peel.

Jaral De Berrio Mezcal 70cl

Jaral de Berrio Mezcal, from the Hacienda de Jaral de Berrio in San Felipe Torres Mochas, Guanajuato, is a mezcal with a difference: the agave - 100% Salmiana - is steamed rather than smoked.

This means that Jaral de Berrio is marked by the agave's natural vegetal aromatics, coupled with a freshness from being grown at over 2,000 metres above sea level.

Our cocktail recomendation: Paloma


25ml mezcal

50ml grapefruit juice

25ml lime juice

10ml jalapeño simple syrup

Splash soda water

Salt & chipotle powder


Rim glass with Salt & chipotle powder. Add mezcal, grapefruit, lime juice, simple syrup and ice to a tall glass. Stir and top with soda.