Bodega del Abad Bierzo wines

Bodega del Abad is a superb winery in the region of Bierzo, north-west Spain. It was founded in 2000 with a hi-tech winery, and now has 35 hectares of vines split between the red Mencía grape and the white Godello. The region enjoys a unique microclimate, resulting from the combination of both Atlantic and Mediterranean continental climate, while the steep, slate-soiled hillsides are perfect for the production of high-quality grapes. Their vineyards in Villafranca del Bierzo and Valtuille de Arriba stretch between 500 and 650 metres above sea level, bringing freshness and poise to the wines.

Our range from Abad begins with their Dom Bueno Godello and Mencía that give fantastic value introductions to each of these distinctive grape varieties, native to the north west of Spain. Beyond those, we have single-vineyard expressions of both varieties, including 80-year-old Godello from San Salvador, and 100-year-old Mencía from Tesín de la Campana.