Artemis Karamolegos Santorini wines

Artemis Karamolegos winery, on the famous Greek island of Santorini, was officially founded in 2004, but the Karamolegos family has been making wine since 1952. Today it is the third-largest and most widely awarded winery on Santorini, with their modern cellar producing a range of of exceptional wines mainly from the island's classic white grape Assyrtiko, alongside other indigenous Santorini varieties. They work both with their own vineyards and with experienced growers across the island.

Santorini's unique terroir was forged by the volcanic explosion of the island back in 1620 BC. Its thick layer of volcanic ash soils are hostile to the Phylloxera louse, meaning vines are generally ungrafted and many are well over 100 years of age. The dry, unforgiving terroir means roots often exceed 20 meters in length as they penetrate deep into the subsoil for water. Artemis Karamolegos showcase these extraordinary vines through single-vineyard expressions of Assyrtiko that are exceptionally long-lived, with a saline, mineral depth.

Our range of Artemis Karamolegos wines is broad, including their classic Santorini that blends small proportions of Athiri and Aïdani grapes with Assyrtiko, the award-winning Pyritis from 120-year-old vines, and right through to the single-vineyard Papas and Louroi Platia cuvées, both made from 150-year-old vines. Look out too for their example of Nykteri, a later-harvest, powerful style of Assyrtiko that is traditional on the island.