Avantis Estate Wines

Avantis Estate

Modern wines from an ancient land - Avantis Estate are at the forefront of the Greek wine revolution. Their vineyards are at an altitude of 250 – 500 meters above sea level. Lying on flat plains, gentle slopes or even steep mountainous ones. In this unique micro-climate, during autumn and winter months cold air masses blow down from mountain Dirphi, carrying dew which supplies the vineyards with essential humidity.

The Mountrichas family has been growing grapes since 1830, and today Apostolos and his wife Lenga make the wines and run Avantis Estate. The 20 hectare property is located on the island of Evia, just off the East coast of Greece.A combination of red and white traditional and international varieties are planted, producing both blended and single varietal wines. This estate has a great reputation in Greece as one of the country's most progressive wineries.