The Azores Wine Company volcanic wines

Azores Wine Company

The Azores Wine Company is a project between winemakers Filipe Rocha, António Maçanita and Paulo Machado. The windswept Atlantic archipelago of the Azores is one of the world's most unique wine regions, recognised by Unesco in 2004. The islands straddle the dramatic, geological fault line of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and it is no surprise that they are volcanic in origin, with soils based on basalt. Vines have been planted here since the 15th century, within hundreds of micro-vineyards each just a few metres square, and walled-in with basalt stones to protect them from the wind and sea-spray.

The volcanic soils, allied to oceanic proximity, lend the wines a distinctly brisk, saline character, and the Azores Wine Company team have worked together to revitalise these remarkable old vineyards, and to combine traditional and modern winemaking techniques to present these treasures to the world. We are delighted to present these unique wines in the UK, including not only the red and white Tinto and Branco Vulcânico wines, but also their O Original pure Verdelho with its varietal pineapple and lime zest offset by marked, stony minerality.