Dugladze Georgian wines

The Dugladze family have been making wine and spirits since 1904, and today have one of the most advanced wineries in Georgia. Lying on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia has over 8000 years of winemaking history. Traditionally, grapes of both colours were fermented with their skins and stems, in giant clay jars called qvevri, typically buried in the ground, remaining there for months or even years. Wines made from white grapes in this way take on a unique style. These amber-hued, 'orange' wines, have savoury, dried fruit characters, with the breadth and depth of a red wine, including an appealing tannin component, while the process reduces the need for sulphites.

Dugladze apply modern precision to these ancient techniques, making a superb range of beautifully-presented wines, mainly from Georgia's principal wine region, Kakheti, which reflect the country's noble winemaking tradition. We are proud to present Dugladze's amber Ranina Kakhuri from the Rkatsiteli grape and red Ranina Saperavi Mukuzani, as well as their brilliantly bright, yet unabashedly orange, Qvevri Kisi.